Part-Time Pastor


To know love and share Jesus

Statement of Faith

We Believe –

  1. In the sovereignty of the one true Almighty God – creator of all and giver of life.
  1. That Jesus Christ -  is the Son of God

-came to earth and took on the form of man

-was sacrificed on a cross to pay the price of sin

-was raised to life after three days

-ascended to heaven and intercedes with His Father on our behalf

 -will return to earth to judge the world and take those who believe to eternal   glory

  1. That all people fall short of God’s standard and need redemption from sin.
  2. Salvation and eternal life can only be gained by repentance and faith through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  3. All believers are part of God’s church and are encouraged to bear witness to their faith through following the command of our Lord in Believers Baptism.
  4. That the Holy Spirit is given to all believers to enable them to follow the teachings of Scripture, empowering them to serve the Lord and live as effective witnesses to the difference Jesus can make in a person’s life.
  5. The Bible to be the inspired Word of God and is to be trusted as the authority and guideline for a Christ like, Spirit filled life.
  6. That this church is part of the world wide body of Christ and that believers should seek to serve and support the work of the universal church both at home and overseas.
  7. That all believers are part of the church, but should be encouraged to take a full and active part in the local fellowship, under the authority of Scripture and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  8. That the church should encourage believers to be disciples for God and to continue His mission to spread the Good News of Jesus to all.

Position – Part Time (Lay) Pastor

Responsible to – The deacons and officers of Winterslow Baptist Church

Main Duties & Responsibilities.

  1. To lead services on Sunday
  1. To arrange services that encourage people to spend time in worship and praise of the Lord;
  2. To encourage others to be involved in leading worship to develop gifts and expertise in others;
  3. To prepare and deliver a plan of preaching that teaches and encourages others to develop their understanding of scripture and commitment to Christ;
  4. To ensure that worship complies with the churches values as laid out in the statement of faith.

  1. To be the leader of the church to ensure that –
  1. Christ remains at the centre of the churches decision making process and that His guidance and strength is sought at all times;
  2. The continued weekly programme of the church is responsive to the needs of the congregation;
  3. That the church conducts its business in a timely, open and appropriate manner as laid down in the Constitution;
  4. Appropriate arrangements are made to chair church and deacons meetings (normally the pastor takes on this role);
  5. Church members are encouraged to pray for and are consulted on the church programme;
  6. Good communication between the departments and individuals within the church;
  7. Assist and advise on the future planning and development of the church’s activities so they remain responsive to and appropriate for the congregation and surrounding community;
  8. To attend, lead or support any additional decision making groups as required
  9. Liaison with those who lead activities within the church to ensure they are supported and acting in line with the church’s beliefs and priorities.

  1. To act as Pastor to the congregation by –
  1. Seeking to support and encourage their spiritual growth as appropriate;
  2. Where necessary making home or hospital visits;
  3. To be aware of, disseminate as appropriate and encourage others to pray for those in need;
  4. To handle sensitively complaints, disputes, and upsets;
  5. To encourage and guide the development of opportunities for prayer and Bible study;
  6. To provide as needed additional sessions e.g. for new Christians, Baptismal classes, discipleship teaching;
  7. Encourage the church to develop opportunities for evangelism.

  1. Ensure links beyond the fellowship
  1. Maintain appropriate links with the Baptist Union as necessary – attending regional and local events;
  2. Help the church to develop links with other churches in the community;
  3. Ensure opportunities for the church to be aware of other mission work both home and overseas. Encouraging the church to support prayerfully and financially those missions felt appropriate. The church should be encouraged to give priority here to the work of BMS and Home Mission;
  4. Encourage church members and where appropriate undertake personally links with local community activities;
  5. Attend any training events as agreed with the deacons.

  1. Keep adequate records to demonstrate good use of time and expenses.

  1. Any other duties as required and appropriate to the role.
  1. Leading funerals, weddings dedication of infants etc.
  2. Trouble shooting – resolving difficulties and ensuring all areas are covered in the absence of others;
  1. Checking and approving – minutes, magazine articles etc.
  2. Screening incoming mail –post and e mail, deleting what is inappropriate and passing on as required what is relevant to the church;
  3. Involvement in ad hoc discussions about church activities.

There has been a Baptist presence in Winterslow since the 17th Century and possibly before.  The present building, a mission hut or ‘tin tabernacle’, was first used in 1908; the church hall, or ‘Plantation Room’ as it is known, was added in the late 1970s. Our youth group have met in an old, small caravan on the site in recent years, but we are currently awaiting delivery of a brand new portacabin-type building to accommodate our growing numbers.  A small car park is set alongside the church buildings.

The Church has been pastored by Peter Salisbury for 6 years, and is assisted by the Diaconate, which currently numbers 4 but is due to increase in the very near future to 5 or 6.  The Church has been steadily growing over the last few years, currently numbering 22 in membership and having a regular attendance of between 40 and 50 at Sunday services.

A service of worship is held on Sunday mornings throughout the year, with communion celebrated on a monthly basis.  Our teaching is Bible-based and our worship is a mix of traditional hymns and more modern worship songs.  Pastor Peter currently preaches at all but one Sunday per month, which is taken by visiting speakers and clergy, and occasionally by church members or deacons.  A short period of all-age worship, usually with a short children’s message, is led by church members and deacons on most Sundays prior to the children and young people leaving for Kidzone (0-11 years) and Youth (11+) for their own teaching.  We currently have around 8-10 young people attending our youth session and 10-14 in Kidzone. We practise Believer’s Baptism and four members of the congregation have been baptised by full immersion during the last 18 months (two adults and two 11 year olds).

Our children’s and youth work have seen significant growth in recent years, and we currently have a particularly committed youth group who are in the process of organising their own outreach events to witness to the community and raise funds for a local, national and international charity.  Their commitment and excitement about their faith is evident and they have requested that we run a youth version of Christianity Explored to allow them to witness to their own friends in a structured way.  This will run before the summer.

A house group meeting is held each Thursday, usually comprising Bible study and prayer and attracts around 10-12 people, although we are currently running a Christianity Explored course during this session which has brought a further 7-8 (non-church attender) people to the meetings.  The ‘3rd Wednesday at 2’ monthly mid-week service and afternoon tea is regularly attended by around 12-15 worshippers, most of whom are seniors who do not regularly attend Sunday worship. We hold regular social events, including talent evenings, harvest suppers, barbecues, walks and picnics and outings.  Several families attend Spring Harvest each year.

We have been a driving force behind the ‘Churches Together’ group in Winterslow, which brings together all 5 churches (two Anglican, a Methodist, a small independent church and Winterslow Baptist) to plan ecumenical events.  Recent events have included a very popular carol service, Jubilee Praise and Pentecost Praise and are usually held in the village hall.  Further events are currently being planned.

Winterslow Baptist has recently completed its first 5-year plan and the second phase – a new 5-year plan – has been in place since last year and is included within this pack.

Financially, the church is solvent (more details can be found on the latest financial report to members).  Tithes of 10% of our offerings are split between BMS, Home Mission, The Bridge (a Salisbury-based organisation which outreaches into local schools), and Wycliffe Bible Translators, particularly in support of language development for the Ilwana people in Kenya.  Other one-off donations or offerings are decided and church meetings, and have included supporting local Christian charities and international disaster appeals.  There are currently funds of around £10k (need to check this) for building / housing held in trust by the BU.

This plan represents the second phase in the development of Winterslow Baptist church and builds on the success and achievements of the previous forward plan. The aim has been to prayerfully consider the aims and objectives we should work on over the next few years and to continue to develop the church as we seek to serve the Lord in the community in which he has placed us.

Over the summer of 2012 the congregation were invited to comment on the church programme and how they would like to see it develop, by completing a survey. The following plan is based on the outcomes of that survey.

AIM – To maintain and develop a community of Christian believers with God at its head, who seek by the power of the Holy Spirit, to understand and be obedient to the teachings of scripture and to respond to the challenge of continuing the mission of Jesus, to share our faith with others and prayerfully encourage them to be part of the body of Christ

OBJECTIVES – During the period of this plan WBC will –

  1. Develop its Sunday Service so that it maximises the opportunity for corporate worship and Bible teaching,  remaining relevant and vibrant for the community who worship.
  1. To maintain and update the suite of buildings as resources permit, so that they provide a pleasant environment in which to welcome people and worship the Lord.
  1. To develop the prayer life and ministry of the church
  1. Develop a strategy and programme of outreach activities.
  1. Maintain and develop a weekly programme of activities for children and young people
  1. Maintain and develop publicity of church activities to raise awareness to the local community.
  1. To seek to develop and strengthen the church leadership team.

Plan outline


To develop the Sunday Service


To introduce a team of worship leaders  to share with the Pastor the first part of the service for praise, worship and prayer

September 2013


To include within the first part of the service  new action songs for the children as the children have no opportunity for singing in Kids Zone

On going


To offer opportunities for a variety of forms of worship that offer different experiences and remain responsive to a mixed congregation  

On going


To encourage others to take part in the service with a view to developing gifts and sharing and encouraging one another

On going


To introduce a prayer meeting at 10am and encourage others to join with the leaders in prayerfully preparing for worship.

Dependent on a replacement building for the caravan to provide space.


To consider “Bring friends to church” events on a Sunday, possibly at a neutral venue such as the school. These to offer an alternative style worship which is non-threatening but welcoming to the non-churched



To maintain a programme of teaching to encourage deeper understanding and commitment to Christ

On going

Responsibility for section 1 –Deacons and Pastor


To maintain and develop the buildings and grounds


To ensure the grounds and buildings are kept clean and tidy so they are welcoming for all who attend.

On going


To ensure the grounds and buildings are maintained in good order and comply with Health and Safety and other regulations. 

On going


To replace the caravan with a more suitable building, that meets needs within the limits of our resources and planning regulations

December 2014


To monitor the church finances and ensure they are maintained to the best advantage of the church in liaison with the Treasurer.

On going


To monitor the on-going growth of the church and the adequacy of its buildings. To be open to the Lord’s leading on rebuilding or relocating to more suitable accommodation

On going


To continue the building and finance group to oversee this area bringing recommendations to the Church Members meeting as required.

Responsibility for section 2 –Building and Finance Group


To develop the prayer life and ministry of the church


To seek to develop a trained prayer ministry team to offer prayer support to those associated with the church who require it

 December 2015


To investigate and introduce ways of engaging more people into the prayer life of the church.

December 2014


To task a prayer and pastoral group to develop this area

September 2013

Responsibility for section 3 – Prayer and Pastoral team with the Pastor.


Develop a realistic Church Strategy for Outreach 


The deacons will develop a strategy for approval by church members that commits the fellowship to a realistic approach to outreach and recognises the limitations of resources

October 2013


Deliver a programme of prayer and teaching that will prepare the church for outreach activities

March 2014


Introduce a programme of activities which are aimed at non church attenders that encourage opportunities for them to consider the gospel of Jesus

December 2014


To continue to support and encourage Churches Together activities

On Going


To consider and review alternative opportunities for worship e.g. monthly Wednesday at 2


Responsibility for section 4 – Deacons


Maintain and develop a weekly programme of activities for  children and young people


Continue to provide each Sunday Kids Zone and Youth group activities for young people

On going


Ensure all involved in supporting the work of young people do so in line with the church Safe to Grow Policy and have successful Disclosure & Barring Service checks.

On going


Hold occasional activities e.g. all age services , social events – so that children feel part of the whole church

On going


Regularly review and make use of suitable teaching materials and teaching styles that encourage young people to develop their faith in Jesus.

On going


Consider and implement occasional activities that encourage young people to bring friends. See section 4

On going

Responsibility for section 5 – Children and young people’s action group


Publicise Church activities to raise awareness within the community


To maintain a regular article in the parish magazine



To produce posters and flyers of special events

As required


To continue the development of the church web site

On going


To consider and recommend to the church any new initiatives to develop this area of work

Responsibility for section 6 – Publicity action group


Develop and strengthen the church leadership team


Through teaching raise awareness of gifts and the need to use these in the Lord’s service

April 2014


To encourage those with suitable gifts to become deacons

On going


Where possible to devolve responsibility to those who have both the gifts and time to work on designated tasks

On going


To support and encourage those wanting to discover and develop their gifts in the Lord’s service

As required


Prepare the church to be more self-reliant as a change of Pastor is likely within the life of this plan

December 2014


Once sufficient numbers of suitable candidates for the role of deacon become available, amend the constitution to allow deacons to serve  up to two three years terms then take a compulsory year off

Responsibility for section 7 – Deacons


Senior Leader

Senior Leader – TCF


 Church Profile

 TCF is a non denominational and evangelical church located in a village in the lower Caerphilly basin. Trethomas has approximately 3500 people and another 3000 people in village communities in close proximity. Located within 20 minutes from Newport and Cardiff, also fifteen minutes from the M4. The building originated in the early 1900’s and TCF as it is was formed in the late 1980’s and the building has been modernised over the last 30 years.

We are a community based church with many regular weekly ministries. We have a congregation with many volunteers and potential leaders within the body of the church. Our ministries include two celebrations with Junior church on a Sunday, Creative ministries (Drama and Puppets), Clothing ministry, Tearoom, Parents and Toddlers, Ladies fellowship, Youth work, cruise bereavement and debt management. We have active input to our local schools, care home, strong visitation team and we support missions here and abroad.

The church family is a loving and caring community with people of all ages contributing to the life of the church. We have a good relationship with leaders of other churches in the area.  

We promote sound biblical teaching and move in the work of the Holy Spirit. We are a church who believes in the New Testament model of the five fold ministries and we encourage every member of the body of Christ to be a minister. (Attached Articles of Faith)


Job Description


Job Title: Senior Leader

To be full time Senior Leader of Trethomas Christian Fellowship to help discover and fulfill its mission, growing as disciples and making disciples.

 The primary activity focus will be on ensuring transformational leadership and care to the church through

  •  Effective teaching and preaching
  • Developing and supporting leadership throughout the church
  • Being the main point of contact for the church and community on behalf of the leadership team

 The Senior Leader is also responsible for ensuring the provision of highly effective

  • Pastoral care teams and procedures
  • Relationships with local, national and international individuals and communities


Based at Trethomas Christian Fellowship the majority of the time, to maintain presence and maximize opportunities.

Job Responsibilities:

Primary hands-on responsibility as servant-leader accountable to the trustees and existing leadership team

  •  Preaching and Teaching

1.     Develop and implement plans to teach the Bible systematically and thematically

2.     Both “all scripture” and needs-focused

3.     Inspiring love, worship, obedience and maturity

4.     Inclusively, to followers and seekers

5.     Develop the teams responsible for delivering church services, Home groups and individuals

  •  Leadership

1.     Maintain clarity of God’s leading for TCF through prayer, the leading of the Holy Spirit and study of God’s Word

2.     Consistently and clearly communicate the vision and direction of the church

3.     Strengthen leadership throughout the church, among Leaders, Home Groups and Ministry teams.

4.     Encourage proactive and personal care through effective teaching and preaching

5.     Develop the Pastoral care strategy and ministry, working with Home Groups, Ministry Team leaders and the Pastoral care team to provide excellent care in the church and into the community

 Community engagement (“mission”)

1.     Continue development and implementation plans for personal and members engagement with individuals and groups within our local community, including neighbours, schools and visitors

2.     Continue to develop and implement plans for effective engagement with local, national and international mission work.

 Personal Responsibilities:

 Underpinning the above job responsibilities, the Senior Leader has the following personal responsibilities:

  1. Personal development and maturity

a.     Devoted in personal relationship with Christ – pray, study, ’walk’, trust

b.     Devoted in family responsibilities – love, provide, protect; balance

c.     Continually maturing as a leader and Senior Leader – study, learn, share, stretch

 Public example

Model a life of love for Jesus Christ, His Church and His world.

   Anticipated Hours

It is anticipated that the core responsibilities should be planned to be carried-out within an average of 40 working hours per week, although the nature of the role demands flexibility in allocating these hours throughout the week. At least one day per week be kept completely free from work responsibilities, for personal and family time. Holidays and Sundays off will be discussed at interview.

  Person Profile

We are convinced that the right candidate for senior leader will be:

 A committed person of God, for whom their own relationship with God is all-important.

An evangelical who seeks to base all his/her beliefs and behavior on the teaching of the Old and New Testaments.

A person with a good theological grasp, with theological training.

A person who believes and operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A natural leader, with the ability to envision, motivates and co-operates with others.

A team builder, who is good at drawing the best out of others, learning from them, as well as leading and training them.

A good communicator of the word of God.

A person with experience of leadership in a local church.

A person whose wife/ husband (if married) is entirely supportive of the work and vision of TCF.


We are a church with an active Child protection policy. The successful candidate would have to have a DBS check with the Disclosure and Barring Service. This would have to be completed prior to an appointment.


Community Pastor


The Leadership Team at High Street Chapel, Hopton are looking for a Community Pastor
Role description
Someone who can work in the community on a part or full time basis.
Someone who can lead our 11.15am outreach service and work with the current team,  under the direction of the church leadership, but who is not expected to preach every week.
Someone who can work within our existing church activities and lead and sharpen our evangelism as a church in partnership with our Events team.
Someone who can work on a one to one level building bridges between church and community.
In partnership with the church leadership inspire and encourage our congregation to initiate new activities both within and  outside of the church.
We are looking for someone who exhibits the gifts of teaching, organising, motivating and evangelism.
Salary £20000 without house or £15000 with house (pro rata)
Term of contract initially 3 years

Our essential beliefs:

That the Bible is the Word of God. Through it we discover the will of God for our lives.

That Jesus is the Son of God. Through His death we find forgiveness and through His resurrection we find new life.

That the Holy Spirit indwells our lives and through Him we find the power to live for God

Church Profile

High Street Chapel has its roots in the Brethren movement and has grown into a thriving church.  It is led by the Elders who are supported by a dedicated team of deacons.  The leadership encourage everyone to participate in the life of the church and young and old alike are involved in all areas of service.  We don’t have a membership but have about 100 people attending the church, aged between 1 year and 90.
Our Sunday services include a 10.00am open communion, 11.15am outreach service with Sunday School (Explorers) and a 6.30pm teaching service. We have a great team of musicians and singers leading our worship.  We have around 80 -100 on a Sunday morning and about 80 in the evening.
The church leadership recently spent time seeking the Lord’s leading for the church and as a result are currently fulfilling a vision to take forward the church.  This position and the coffee shop are two key steps to fulfil the vision.  The church leadership are looking for someone to capture our vision and move the church forward with us to impact the community and see lives transformed by Jesus Christ.
The church has an excellent reputation in the community and well attended community and outreach events.  A church coffee shop in the village High Street will open during the summer of 2014.
Hopton is a rural village of around 500 predominantly white English people although those attending HSC come from up to 12 miles away, which is where you will find the towns of Diss, Thetford or Bury St Edmunds.  The only other churches within two miles are the CoE and Methodist churches in Hopton
Please apply by email or post enclosing your C.V. and a brief overview of how the Lord has led you to this point in your life.  Send to Pam Abrey, Church Administrator at 
High Street Chapel, Hopton, Diss, IP22 2QX

Associate Pastor




Purpose of Post


·      To develop the work amongst young adults particularly in the twenties to forties age group.

·      To help train and encourage the leaders of the children’s and youth organisations.

·      To contribute to the preaching and teaching work of the church.

·      To share with in the pastoral care of the fellowship.

·      To develop, in partnership with the Senior Pastor, Elders and Deacons, a teaching strategy for the church


Specification and Qualifications


The Associate Pastor must be a committed born again believer, in agreement with the doctrinal statements of the Church – thoroughly bible based, Christ centred and church focused.

The Associate Pastor will have undertaken relevant and appropriate theological training

The Associate Pastor should have had relevant experience in working with a wide age range of people and be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their previous experience.

The Associate Pastor should have experience in evangelistic work and the development of training programmes.


Key Responsibilities


The Associate Pastor will encourage families and young adults to discover, develop and exercise their gifts.

The Associate Pastor will conduct youth reviews and will be supportive to leaders of organisations in the church.

The Associate Pastor will contribute to the preaching and teaching work of the church

The Associate Pastor will contribute to the pastoral and spiritual care of families and the young adults

The Associate Pastor will help develop links with the wider community in Hamilton

This is not an exhaustive list of duties. The successful applicant will be expected to perform different tasks as they arise within the life of the church.


 Terms and Conditions of service

 The appointment is to full-time service and the Associate Pastor cannot accept any other paid employment without the consent of the church leadership.

The Associate Pastor will report to the Pastoral and Leadership Team and be responsible specifically to the Church Meeting.

There will be regular reviews with the Pastoral Team, with an increasing emphasis on planning for the development of the work.

 The Associate Pastor will work under the general guidance of the Senior Pastor, with weekly meetings for prayer and planning.

A support group of Elder and/or Deacons will be set up to act as a point of reference to the Associate Pastor.

The Associate Pastor will be supported by an appropriate package of relocation expenses, holidays, stipend and housing allowance etc.

A wide range of activities exists for children, young people and senior citizens which are viewed as excellent teaching and training facilities for those associated with the Church family and also the local community.  The uniformed organisations are the 1st Hamilton Girls Brigade and the 12th Hamilton Boys Brigade.  In 1999 the Church purchased and renovated a former (derelict) shop unit in one of the local authority housing estates and members of the church have been running youth groups there under the name “EXODUS” since Easter 2002.  There are also opportunities for involvement in chaplaincy of the local secondary schools.


A list of regular activities is noted below:


Crèche                                                                                                                 EXODUS (youth group)

Junior Church (Sunday School)                                                                     Christian Endeavour

2 Ways Group (Bible Class)                                                                             Girls’ Brigade

Youth Fellowship                                                                                              Boys’ Brigade

Senior Citizens Meeting                                                                                   Time Out (Ladies Fellowship)

Tumbletots (three times weekly)                                                                    Ladies’ Bible Study


CHURCH OFFICE:  23 & 25 Kemp Street, Hamilton, ML3 6QL                                                   01698 284004

SENIOR PASTOR : Rev David Wilson, 48 Marshall Gorve HAMILTON ML3 8NN      01698 910286

PASTORAL ASSISTANT:  Robbie Toop, 3 Cobbett Road, Motherwell, ML1 3BX

Elliott Simpson <>


An opening is coming up for anyone who may have a calling into Pastoral Leadership of an Assemblies of God church in the beautiful coastal town of Lymington, Hampshire.


The fellowship of approximately 30 people uses the Lymington Community Centre as its base and home ministries exist mid-week.


It is time to develop church life in areas of evangelism, growth and children’s ministries.


Anyone interested in visiting and/or discussing this opportunity is welcome to contact Joy Bingham on 01590 682638 or email


The zone leader in this area is Pastor Paul Finn,

Youth Minister

Walsgrave Baptist Church seeking enthusiastic and passionate individual to join the team in Coventry and build on their existing work.