Associate Pastor


is looking for an Associate Pastor who:


  • Is passionate about Jesus and the gospel
  • Is capable of working alongside our current staff team to move the whole church forward in its vision
  • Is able to co-ordinate, disciple & resource our Youth, Students and 20’s – 30’s age group



Salary: Dependent on experience, but in line with BU recommendations (Position is full time).

For job description/application form, contact:  Simon Morgan, email:, tel: (01792) 459144 by 13th Nov 2014 at the latest.


Jesus in the Church, Jesus for the Community.’


We are currently looking to appoint a Pastor for the church

We were formed just over 2 years ago when Occold Baptist and Grove Evangelical Churches merged (there having been a split in the church about 20 years earlier).

We are a Grace Baptist Church and members of the Association of Grace Baptist Churches in East Anglia. The church currently has 21 members and is engaged in various ministries currently: –

·         2 Sunday services,
·          Mid-week prayer and Bible study meetings,
·         Youth Work with each session attended by  40+ youngsters (9-17 YOA),
·         School Assemblies reaching about 70 primary school aged children,
·         Ladies work reaching about 10 ladies,
·         We also run Christianity and Discipleship Explored when we get the opportunity,
·         Bookstall at local village market
  • Some members of the church also run an evangelistic Christian Motorsport Team.

On a typical Sunday we will see 25-30 attending our meetings, with 70+ attending  at special events.  Occold itself is a village of about 450 people with about  1,500 within a 5 mile radius that would not be within the catchment of another evangelical church.

A link to our page on the village website is below, this will give a flavour of what we do but it needs updating.

We are looking for a man to come to Pastor the church and join the current leadership team, this would be a full time position (with viable funding in place for 4+ years). The key needs of the church at this stage are:

·         Follow up 1-2-1 on the contacts that we are making through the market outreach and especially with the families of those coming to the youth club who are also coming along to our special events.
·         Support for those in the church with Pastoral needs – those new to faith / from non-Baptist backgrounds and those with health issues that mean they cannot be as involved as they would like
  • Helping with the expository ministry within the church




Pastor at The Full Gospel Pentecostal Church

Pentecostal Church in Coalville, Leicestershire, England seeks Pastor…

The church is an ECI (Elim Church Incorporated) affiliate, and is actively seeking to appoint a full-time Godly, Spirit-Filled leader or leaders to take the church family forward with the gifts he/she/they will bring.

Leicestershire has been without a Pastor since end June 2013, when John and Flora Graham, a couple who brought complementary gifts to the church, retired as Pastors after eleven years leading the fellowship.

The church has its own building, and has some 40-60 regular members/attenders, a determined outreach vision, Bible-based stance, active prayer-life and a strong commitment to overseas missionary support and vision. Established since 1935, the church is able to trace its roots back to early tent mission evangelistic outreach.

The vacancy is immediate, with a three/four-bedroomed manse provided near the church. The starting salary is negotiable from £17,500 – £22,000 per annum, dependent upon age, experience, and what the applicant can bring to the fellowship, with a review after a three/six months probationary period. Costs (e.g. employer pension contributions, housing outgoings, pastoral travel expenses, etc.) are additional over and above salary.

The elders are leading well during the interregnum period, and the church currently incorporates visiting preachers, and ones drawn from the congregation (which practice will also continue under the new pastoral leadership, to ensure external freshness and teaching to supplement the pastoral preaching input). Established weekly activities include an Ofsted highly-approved playschool (with waiting list!), parent and toddler morning, weekly prayer evening, Bible study night, etc. The church also has a regular Monday evening homeless/needy outreach with its own van, feeding, caring, ministering and praying for some fifty people each trip. There is a big evangelistic determination in the church, and a good mixtureof races apart from white ethnic people, which gives a good balance and heart to the church family.

Application including CV, or recommendations of anyone who could be right to be considered for the Pastorate, should be made in the first instant to . The elders can then promptly prayerfully consider, and where proceeding, invite that person/family to come to preach with a view and meet the church family at both Sunday morning and evening services. There could be a request also for the applicant to take part in other of the church events and experience the wider church activities.

*Whilst seeking an experienced person(s) to lead it, the church is also open to a Godly, Spirit-filled student still in Bible College, who can be mentored into, and in this position.  Proposals can be from any age-group, as the church sees this appointment as for a God-chosen person, who has a heart to see the church grow and develop in the infilling of The Holy Spirit in Pentecostal power, leading and evangelism.

The Full Gospel Pentecostal Church, James Street, Coalville, LE67 3BX.

Young People’s Pastor

Young Peoples’ Pastor

- St. Michael’s, Lilleshall and St. John’s, Muxton Nr. Telford, Shropshire

Is God calling you to transform the lives of young people in Shropshire?

We are looking for someone with a passion for God and a love for young people to head up our youth and children’s ministry teams. You will be leading praise, discussion and social events nurturing and developing the faith of young people. You will work mainly with the 10-18 year olds but will also have some involvement with younger children.

What are we about?

We are a pair of closely linked churches to the north east of Telford with a vision to develop our outreach amongst the local young people and nurture our young disciples.

What are we looking for?

  • Somebody with a desire to spread God’s word in our community based upon their open, lively faith
  • A qualified youth worker with the knowledge and experience required to really make a difference
  • A team player who will maximise the strengths of our dedicated volunteers, as well as a leader with the ability to organise events and other people
  • Someone with a real gift with young people, who can relate and communicate with them
  • A leader who is up for a challenge and is able to use their own gifts well

If you believe you have these qualities, then please contact us on

Assistant Pastor

Assistant Pastor at Kennet Valley Free Church

 This role presents a valuable opportunity for someone looking to move into pastoral ministry, to have experience of church leadership across the board, particularly at eldership level, being actively involved in shaping and developing church life, and driving forward new initiatives.

Job description:

To be part  of the Eldership Team and the wider  Leadership Team

To share pastoral responsibility :

This may be focused on a particular grouping/age-range ( e.g. young adults, older adults), as appropriate

Looking to spur people on in their relationship with the Lord, discipleship, exercise of their gifts etc.

This will involve aspects of general encouragement, personal discipleship, Bible- based training.

It will also involve time given to pray for these people.

To be responsible for promoting and facilitating the evangelism strategy.

* Encouragement of and facilitation of ‘stepping-stone’ events;

* Facilitating enquirers groups

* Encouragement of all members in their personal evangelism.

* Liaising with other churches, e.g. ‘A Passion for Life’ churches for joint evangelistic events.

Other possible areas of involvement, to be explored with individual applicants. These might involve…

* Encouraging and facilitating local community involvement

* Facilitating,  leading and developing small groups where necessary.

* Developing identity, support and encouragement among youngish adults

To be part of the regular preaching team

Meet regularly with senior pastor.   

Accountable to Eldership (with regular Elders’ meetings).

Person Specification:

A committed Christian, in full agreement with Kennet Valley’s basis of faith and sympathetic to church policies and ethos.

Someone with a strong grounding in the Bible and able to faithfully handle and communicate the word of God, with a lifestyle and character appropriate to a church elder.

Has demonstrated an eagerness to serve humbly in local church situation, with an awareness of gifting.

Able to work in a leadership team, recognising the importance of accountability and mutual submission, and able to relate well with people.

Having a heart for making disciples, both in terms of evangelism and Christian growth.

Formal theological training welcomed but not essential.

Salary: £20,000-£23,800 depending on experience and qualifications

Church Profile:

Kennet Valley Free Church is an independent evangelical church, with a building situated on a suburban housing estate on the south-western side of Reading, Berkshire. The church started up 35 or so years ago, and grew from a group of Christians from various churches meeting for prayer on the then-new estate. Since then the church has grown slowly and fairly steadily. The original ‘temporary’ building, having served us for 25 years, was replaced by our present building, opened in 2007, built to provide a meeting place not just for ourselves but for the local community, and it is used extensively during the week to this end. We are unashamedly committed to the Bible as God’s authoritative word, and attempt to apply it to the modern world. We are committed to mission, both local and further afield, and recognise our particular calling to be a blessing to our local community. The church membership and congregation is a good mixture of ages, church backgrounds, and increasingly, nationalities.

As well as pastor and assistant pastor, we have a full-time youth and children’s worker.

Please take a look at our website to get a greater feel for the church ( There you will find more about us, including ‘what we believe’ and our basis of faith.

The Church is affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.

Further details of church basis of faith and policies available on request.

For more information please contact:  Graham Cooke

Kennet Valley Free Church

Carters Rise



RG31 7YT

Or phone Graham on   0118 954 2673

If you would like to visit or meet informally before applying, then this can be arranged.

Letter of application, with cv, to the above address.

Please include at least three referees. One of these must be a leader from your current church fellowship. If you have not actually served in your current church for a significant period, please supply details of a referee from a previous church where you have done.

Please include a recording of (or a link to) a recent sermon you have preached.

Closing Date: 23rd November 2014

To commence: August 2015, or earlier, if available

Initially for a probationary period of a year, with the expectation of extending for a further two years                                                                                  – September 2014

Youth Pastor

We would like to inform you of a job opening here at Cambridge Community Church (C3) for the position of Youth Pastor. C3 is a contemporary charismatic church with over 500 members and we are looking for a passionate, vision-driven Youth Pastor to take our youth work to the next level.

The position will require…

·         Excellent communication skills

·         An ability to front and grow a cutting-edge youth ministry as part of the vision of C3

·         A willingness to develop a volunteer team-based ministry

·         Good budgeting and organisational skills

·         A heart to reach and shape the youth generation of Cambridge

The salary will be in the range of £21,000 – £27,250 depending on experience and qualification.

To apply for this post send your CV and covering letter to See below for more details of the job description.

Job Description:

This job description outlines the key roles required from the post holder. It is not a definitive list and the role may change and evolve over time.

Context of the job:
C3 is a contemporary charismatic church with over 500 members and we are looking for a passionate, vision-driven Youth Pastor to take our youth work to the next level.

The Youth Pastor’s role covers all aspects of youth related ministry for the ages of 11 – 18+ and includes leading, managing, and facilitating the department to become a cutting edge ministry in the City.

The post requires the holder to possess good interpersonal and leadership skills and an ability to inspire, train and develop a team of volunteers.

The need to embrace and work out the youth vision within the overall the vision and values of C3 are key ingredients in this role.

A commitment to training, self leadership and the acquisition of new skills are important to the on-going success of this role.

The role also requires someone, who is happy to embrace change and who constantly strives for both personal and team excellence.

Working Hours: 40 Hours per week

Remuneration: £21,000 – £27,250 depending on qualifications and experience

Key Responsibilities:

1. Be directly responsible for leading, directing and growing the youth ministry into a cutting edge ministry that impacts Cambridge.

2. Manage the workload of this role in an organised and efficient way ensuring best use of all resources.

3. Provide/facilitate necessary training/development of the youth ministry team so enabling the ministry to constantly improve and move forward.

4. To pastor, encourage, motivate, counsel and develop the youth within this category so as to ensure their spiritual and emotional needs are met.

5. To connect with other relevant national and local youth ministries and to be willing to develop relationships for mutual benefit and growth.

6. Sunday is considered to be a half working day and therefore permission would need to be sought beforehand, for any absence on Sundays.

7. To prioritise and manage your workload effectively so as to comply with the vision of C3. This will require an enthusiastic, faith-filled and confident

8. To be responsible for your personal spiritual growth and that of the youth team.

Relating to the Youth

  •   Demonstrable passion and heart to see the development and care of Youth within C3 and outside of C3.
  •   Sensitively handling youth affected by personal crisis such as bereavement, divorce, bullying, peer pressure, behavioural difficulties, learning difficulties etc.
  •   Providing the youth with a dynamic, relevant and engaging ministry expression Training & Implementation
    •   Developing and implement a youth ministry strategy.
    •   Training, monitoring and implementing a work structure for youth volunteers and/or placement students.
    •   To line manage any placement students (eg. CYM) and liaise with any placement organisations.
    •   To ensure all youth volunteers are mentored, developed and trained in their roles.
    •   To co-ordinate the teaching programme which reinforces and reflects the ministry of C3.
    •   To provide a dynamic worship and word Celebration on a regular basis, liaising with the worship department and preaching team.
    •   To provide opportunities for the youth to develop their giftings and skills within ministry areas.
    •   To liaise with Department heads within C3 to facilitate youth volunteering on a monthly basis where appropriate.
    • Administration
    •   Implement an efficient system to ensure the weekly running of youth ministry both on Sunday mornings and within the mid-week programme.
    •   Maintaining regular ongoing communication with parents via face-to-face, letters, emails, home visits (where appropriate). To include but not limited to: clarification and follow up of any weekends away, timetables, calendar events and other specific dates.


 Identify, develop and implement a youth ministry strategy which has, at it’s heart, the growth of the department. This will include…

o Evaluate, develop and implement a coherent outreach strategy which could include, but is not limited to:

  •   Schools work.
  •   Youth Alpha.
  •   After school clubs; e.g. Strength and Shine courses.
  •   Mentoring.
  •   Special events; e.g. youth conference.
  • Recruitment
  • Evaluate, identify and support in the recruitment of staff, volunteers, interns placements as appropriate in any of the youth departments as well as interns that are recruited for any other department within C3.

    Marketing, Communications & Media

  •   To create, copy draft, circulate for proofing, sign off and distribute all Marketing, Communication and Media elements within the Youth Ministry, to include but not limited to:
    •   Logos.
    •   Leaflets.
    •   CD, DVDs.
    •   Film clips.
    •   Web updates.
    •   Various communications for regular and special events.
  •   To liaise with the Media Department for sign off, input design and concept building. Budget Liaison
  •   Advise and develop a yearly plan for the best use of the Youth Ministry budget.
  •   Hold the budget for youth ministry, which would be signed off by your line manager. Extra Curricular ActivitiesAdministrate and support in the planning of additional special events which may include but are not limited to:
    •   Weekends away.
    •   Youth band.
    •   Mid-week discipleship groups.

Other Agencies

To work in conjunction with other Churches and Agencies within the city, to deliver effective youth ministry and encourage multi-Church/agency cooperation.


The post holder will be expected to work in a confidential manner in all aspects of their work and to contravene this would result in disciplinary action being taken. An understanding and necessary training in the Child Protection policy of C3 would need to be adhered to and implemented within the youth ministry.

Whole House Mentality

C3 Youth Ministry is part of the vision for the ‘Church We See’ as expressed by the leadership team and as such this role requires a person who wholeheartedly embraces a whole house mentality.

1. Working Conditions

Location: C3 centre: Alpha Terrace, St Bede’s School and around Cambridge

2. Control Measures

Report to: Senior Leadership Team

Regular meetings with: Senior Leadership Team (Line Manager) Volunteer youth workers

3. Tools, Machinery, Materials needed to perform job

Computer with software suitable for Word and Excel, Design.

Please visit and read the attached documents for more information.