Undergraduate Courses

BA (Hons) in Applied Theology

The three-year degree programme takes you through three levels of study. The three degree programmes share a lot of material, especially at the start. This makes for dynamic interaction between students with different perspectives, and also makes it possible for you to move from one stream to another, if you find that your sense of vocation is developing and changing.

Year 1 – basic studies in biblical, doctrinal and other areas, with a strong emphasis on the theory and practice of a broad range of types of Christian service. You undertake a year-long placement and various practical assignments. You build up a portfolio that reflects your practical and personal development.

Year 2 – where you begin to specialise more. In addition to continued biblical and doctrinal studies, you choose modules that reflect your interests and abilities, especially in relation to different areas of work (cross-cultural, missional leadership, youth & community work, community & family, children & schools). You get to think seriously about the interface between your faith and the world you live in. A five-week block placement complements your year-long regular placement and occasional practical assignments, and you are expected to reflect on practice and engage in much more critical analysis.

Year 3 – specialised studies in your chosen professional area are complemented by further year-long and block placements. It is aimed at helping you integrate all you have done, prior to moving out into competent Christian service.

BA in Applied Theology (non-honours)

The pass degree is a flexible, modified version of the honours degree programme. It has in mind (a) those for whom the gaining of honours is less significant than the allocation of more time to personal and spiritual development or practical work, and (b) those who feel or find that the completion of all of the requirements for an honours degree is beyond their reach. Please note that for students commencing their studies in 2010 or later, only an honours degree in youth and community work will confer JNC recognition.

BA (Hons) in Applied Theology

(Youth and Community Work,)

With JNC Professional Qualification endorsed by the National Youth Agency.

We offer a ‘hands-on’ approach to understanding young people and the communities they come from. Critical issues such as adolescent development, youth culture and the value of team-work are covered. You are encouraged to reflect critically on the effectiveness of different models of youth work. Our Youth and Community Work Course carries National Youth Agency endorsement, and students graduate with a BA (Hons) degree in Applied Theology (Youth and Community Work) opening all sorts of opportunities to work with local authorities, agencies, church and Christian organisations. Due to the JNC professional qualification that comes with this course, students need to decide to join this programme from the very beginning. Once the course has begun a student is not able to ‘opt in’ at a later date and the JNC award only comes with the BA (Hons) degree.

All our degree courses are validated by the University of Gloucestershire.


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