Elivate provides an opportunity for you to spend a year in Christian service with a church or Christian organisation, where you will have the opportunity to get involved, gain experience and develop your own faith and walk with God.

During this year you will attend two study weeks at the Moorlands Midlands Centre. These weeks will comprise of five full days of lectures, seminars and workshops to gain a deeper insight into the Bible and ministry.

This programme works wells as a stand alone year, or as a pathway into Higher Education. It is designed to equip you with a greater knowledge and understanding of practical service and your own walk with God.

This year out scheme opens the opportunities to further study by giving you a taster of College Life. This creative one-year programme is designed to flexibly accommodate your learning aspirations.

This course costs £695 for the year, plus accommodation costs for the study weeks.

The dates for the study weeks are:

13th – 17th October 2014

9th – 13th March 2015

During the Elivate year you will receive training in five main areas:

1. Biblical and Theological Survey

Designed to give an overview of two books in the Bible and how you can apply biblical truth and theological wisdom to practical work.

2. Theory of Good Practice in Christian Work

Developed to help you integrate best practice in Christian work in your ministry.

3. Development of Practical Skills

Designed to prepare you for practical ministry as effectively as possible.

4. Personal and Spiritual Development

Aims to develop the skills needed to work effectively on your own and in teams, by encouraging your personal and spiritual growth.

5. Work-Based Training

Training specific to your placement and given ‘on-the-job’ by your Placement Supervisor or other personnel in your job.

The first four areas will be covered as part of the taught elements of the course as well as in the five essays you will write during the year, with the final area being covered during your placement.


Course Assessment

To complete the Elivate course, students are expected to meet the following criteria during the course:

  1. To attend the Autumn and Spring study blocks of the programme.
  2. To satisfactorily complete five essays during the year.
  3. To produce a portfolio showing a range of practical experience gained within your placement.
  4. To gain a satisfactory report from you Placement Supervisor.

On satisfactory completion of the course the student will receive a Certificate from Moorlands College.


For more information or an application form please contact us at: events@moorlands.ac.uk or on 01425 674500

Moorlands College, Sopley, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 7AT


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