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Digging up the Bible

Christian theology applied.

Join us on Saturday 27 March 2021 for a free online conference exploring biblical archaelogy.

Sessions include:

Dr Paul Lawrence (University of Liverpool)

The World of the Bible as known in the late 13th century AD according to the Mappa mundi in Hereford Cathedral

The Mappa mundi, a late 13th century map of the world, is arguably the greatest treasure of Hereford Cathedral. The introductory lecture looks at the map’s portrayal of the world of the Bible, and how it adapted to a mediaeval world-view.

The Rise of Biblical Archaeology

How did “Biblical Archaeology” arise some two hundred years ago and how has it changed our knowledge of the Bible and its world?

Emeritus Prof. Alan Millard (University of Liverpool)

Few monuments, many pots – the problem of archaeology in the Holy Land

Why are the Holy Land archaeological sites so poor by comparison to Egypt and Assyria? Why are there no impressive remains of Solomon’s buildings in Jerusalem? Why are there so few written documents from ancient Israel? This lecture will look at results from Lachish, Samaria, Jerusalem and other sites in the context of the Bible.

Dr Chris Sinkinson (Moorlands College)

New Revelations from Geshur

An overview of the 2019 discovery of a 10th century BC city gate at Et-Tell and its significance for our understanding of this period of Biblical history is presented.

How to Spot a Hoax

Biblical archaeology has had more than its fair share of fakes, fraudsters and fabrications. How can we identify and deal with dubious claims without losing our confidence in the value of archaeology?

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