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I’m delighted to introduce you to Moorlands College. Our vision is to equip people, passionate about Jesus Christ, to impact the Church and the world.

We’ve been training men and women in that vein for more than 70 years, innovating and growing along the way. We offer a rich variety of programmes resourced by a superb staff team and great facilities. Our alumni serve God’s mission in every part of the UK, and all over the world.

Moorlands College’s ethos is summed up in the phrase ‘Christian Theology Applied’. Theology is about understanding God and his Word more deeply, and we want our students to love God with their minds, whether through introductory evening classes, undergraduate or postgraduate study. But we also want their knowledge to be ‘effective and fruitful’, as their theological learning is worked out through the local church, and in community
(2 Peter 1:8).

Theologically, we’re Evangelical because we ground what we teach in the cross and resurrection of Jesus and in the authority of the Bible, and because we want others to know the good news that Jesus proclaimed. Communally, we’re committed to forming wise, dynamic and resilient disciples of Jesus whose faith is infectious, whether they go from here to serve as pastors, business leaders, youth workers, public servants – or anything else God calls them to be.

Come to Moorlands College and you can be sure that we’ll be committed to you – to deepening your prayer life, honing your intellect, developing your character and nurturing your people skills – for the glory of God. Dr Billy Graham, the internationally-renowned evangelist, once said that if he had only three years to serve Jesus, he would invest two of them in study, reflection and preparation. We believe an investment of your time and talents at Moorlands College will develop you for a lifetime of service, learning and growth in Christ.

You can find out more by exploring our prospectus, browsing our website, or getting in touch for a conversation with one of our team. We’d love to hear from you! Grace and peace,

Grace and peace,
David Hilborn
Principal, Moorlands College