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David joined Moorlands College as Principal in January 2019. He was previously Principal of St John’s College, Nottingham and Assistant Dean of St Mellitus College, in whose founding he played a significant part. Before that he was Head of Theology at the Evangelical Alliance UK for nine years, also serving on the Executive of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission. David is an ordained Anglican minister and was a member of the Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission from 2006-2016. He currently chairs the Evangelical Alliance’s Theological Advisory Group. He is a graduate of the Universities of Nottingham (BA, PhD) and Oxford (MA), and has led or served on the ministry teams of five local churches. He is a Londoner by birth and is married to Mia, a senior hospital chaplain. They have two grown-up children.

David is passionate about communicating theology in a wide range of contexts, whether supervising and examining doctoral students, teaching at Masters, BA or Foundation level, speaking at Christian conferences and festivals, writing, preaching, blogging or appearing on media. He also enjoys cricket, cinema and poetry and listens to a lot of classic rock.


David’s main teaching is in the areas of doctrine, church history, mission, ethics, worship and the theology of culture.

Recent interviews and recordings

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    How is secular thinking about generations different than the Bible’s? David Hilborn responds to this topical issue.
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    Sam Hailes from Premier Christian Radio invited David Hilborn to share his life story and his views on several topical issues.
  • David Hilborn interviews Dr Helen Morris
    In this second instalment in our new Christian Theology Applied series, Moorlands College Principal, Revd Dr David Hilborn, interviews Dr Helen Morris and unpacks the subject, ‘Significance of the New Testament’.
  • David Hilborn interviews Dr Chris Sinkinson
    In this first instalment in our new Christian Theology Applied series, Moorlands College Principal, Revd Dr David Hilborn, interviews our lecturer Dr Chris Sinkinson and unpacks the subject, ‘What is Theology?’.
  • Hope FM interview
    Blair Crawford from Hope FM interviews David Hilborn about a variety of topics and to hear more about his life.
  • David Hilborn’s Installation Service
    To hear more about David being installed as our new Principal, and to watch the service in full, please click here for our blog piece.


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    Research interests

    As his publications demonstrate, David’s research interests are diverse, but he is particularly focused on the history and theology of Evangelicalism, on the intersections of doctrine, culture and ethics, and on the relationship of linguistics to biblical and theological interpretation. He has supervised and examined doctoral and Masters dissertations in all of these areas.