It is my privilege to introduce you to Moorlands College, which has been around for over sixty years. We have trained hundreds of men and women, so there is not a continent in the world where you will not find our graduates serving the Lord Jesus.

So why should you consider coming to Moorlands?

A while ago, over a lunch, a businessman was asking me about what makes Moorlands distinctive. “I’m sure you have heard of the ‘SPAR‘ shops”  I replied, “Well, we give our students the ‘SPAR‘ treatment. Noting his puzzlement, I explained that we use ‘SPAR‘ as an acronym for our fourfold emphasis in education and training. We aim to produce graduates who are Spiritually growing Christians, people who want to know God; Practically, we believe in equipping our students with the skills to make them competent in their vocations as pastors, youth workers, teachers or whatever; Academically – don’t let the word put you off if you feel you are not ‘academic’ – we believe it is honouring to love God with ‘our minds’, as Jesus said. So we want to help you to think for yourself and give you the equipment and resources to do that, rather than merely ‘bottle-feeding’ you; Relationally, Moorlands provides a diverse and international body where you can develop the skills to get on with people who initially may seem like a challenge – you know, just like the people we meet in church and the world at large.

So, in essence, there it is: we want you to experience the ‘SPAR’ treatment. Dr Billy Graham, the internationally known evangelist, is reported as saying that if he had only three years to serve the Lord, he would invest two of them in study and preparation. We believe an investment of time training here will equip you for a lifetime of service for Jesus Christ.

By the way, my businessman friend said he enjoyed my reply: he was an Area Manager for Spar shops! You see, you never quite know to whom you may be talking. Or, for that matter, to whom the Lord may be speaking about coming to Moorlands for the ‘SPAR’ treatment. It may be you!

If we can help in any further way, please do not hesitate, via our Admissions Department, to be in touch.

With my best wishes in the Lord Jesus.

Steve Brady, Principal



Steve Brady



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