Great news! Our MA in Applied Theology needn’t stretch you like it used to.

The UK government now provides a loans scheme for master’s courses, including our MA in Applied Theology. Validated by the University of Gloucestershire, our MA offers specialisms in Apologetics; Chaplaincy; Mentoring; Christian Leadership; Family, Children and Youth Ministry; and The Bible and Preaching.

How much is the loan?
You can apply to borrow up to £10,280, which can be used towards tuition fees and expenses. You can borrow this amount even though our MA course actually costs less.

Am I eligible?
To get the loan…

■ You will need to be under 60 on the first day of the academic year in which the course starts (1 September).
■ This must be your first master’s degree (or higher qualification). Borrowers holding postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates are still eligible, although you will be required to complete the full MA course in its entirety.
■ You normally live in England (and didn’t move here just to study), and have been living in the UK for three years before starting the course. EU nationals may also be eligible.
■ You must not have outstanding student loan arrears or have previously been found to be ‘unfit’ for support (e.g. because of attempted fraud).

Who receives the money?
The loan will be paid directly to you, not to us. You will receive the money in three instalments per year, across each year of the course. The first payment occurs after we confirm your placement with the Student Loans Company.

How do I repay the loan?
You will pay back 6% of your income over £21,000, either through payroll or self-assessment. No repayments are due all the while you earn less than £21,000 per year. You stop owing either when the debt has been cleared, or when 30 years (from the April after graduation) have passed.

How do I apply?
We encourage you to apply as early as possible, to ensure that funding is in place for the start of the
course. The deadline for applying is nine months after the first day of your second academic year.

For full information, or to being your application, go to