Whilst enjoying the recent Winter Olympics, Helen Morris was struck by the number of medals that were decided by mere fractions of a second. Time, it seemed, was working on an entirely different scale—the tiniest change having the biggest impact on so many of the athletes.

In our everyday lives, we often complain about a lack of time. We don’t have enough; it’s escaping us… maybe even working against us. Yet in the Bible, the Genesis account describes God making not just ‘matter’—things like plants, creatures, humans—but a rhythm and order of time. It’s a gift, and the sabbath as described in Old Testament reminded God’s people to enjoy ‘time out’ as a blessed feature of their weekly routine.

Fast forward to the New Testament era, and we see Jesus Christ proving to be the ultimate intervention in time and space. So what does this mean to the Christian believer? How can we honour time as a gift from God who, quite literally, has all the time in the world?