“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” – Isaiah 54:2

Our Strategic Plan is in line with the Mission Statement, focusing on “lengthening”: pursuing growth, development and expansion, and “strengthening”: pursuing depth, stability and continuity. 

Student recruitment

  • To increase student numbers.
  • To widen access and participation in higher education at the College.

Geographical reach

  • To make the College’s courses available to anyone living in the UK wishing to study applied theology.
  • To operate and develop Regional Centres that are viable both educationally and financially.


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  • To develop new strong partnerships with Christian organisations that have shared values with the College.

  • To provide strong pathways to work with Christian organisations to support Further Education opportunities.

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  • To host more theological conferences and events at the College.
  • To support the wider evangelical community through staff publications, research, and keynote speaking and media.

Academic quality

  • To be authorised to operate Degree Awarding Powers.
  • To achieve consistently high scores in student satisfaction and to ensure growth in the quality of our academic delivery, reflected in external benchmarking.



  • To ensure the Board of Trustees has a range of appropriate skills and backgrounds, providing effective governance and leadership of the College.
  • To have a long-term plan in place to ensure succession in key roles.


Moorlands students thriving


  • To increase revenue each year to enable reinvestment back into achieving our strategy.
  • To ensure there are enough reserves to cover 6 months operating costs.