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Fees and finances

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We answer some of your money-related questions...

To find out more about whether you’re eligible to borrow the full tuition loan for an undergraduate degree, please visit:

How much does it cost to study at Moorlands?

Full details of our current fees are available to download as PDF files:

Undergraduate fees for 2021/2022

BA Christchurch Campus fees 2021/2022

BA Midlands fees 2021/2022

BA South West fees 2021/2022

BA Moorlands NI @ YouthLink fees 2021/2022

Postgraduate fees for 2021/2022

MA Applied Theology fees 2021/2022

MA Language Community and Development fee sheet 2021/2022

Interested to know our current fees?

Undergraduate fees for 2020/2021

BA Christchurch fees 2021/2021

BA Midlands fees 2020/2021

BA South West fees 2020/2021

  BA Northern Ireland fees 2020/2021

  Miscellaneous Charges 2020/21

Postgraduate fees for 2020/2021

  MA Applied Theology fees 2020/21

MA in Language, Community and Development fees 2020/21

Funding information for undergraduate BA programmes

Our BA (Hons) programmes have been approved by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) for mandatory awards and student loans. All students should read Financial Support for Higher Education Students which can be found on the Student Finance Services website, or telephone the helpline on 0845 300 5090.

If you’ve previously received Higher Education funding (e.g. for a degree programme) it’s unlikely that you will get further help. However, it is still worth asking Student Finance as individual circumstances do vary.

Students with a specific learning disability (e.g. dyslexia) may be eligible for additional funding from their Local Education Authority (this may cover computer equipment, learning support, etc.).

It’s possible to make an application to Student Finance England (or the Scotland / Northern Ireland equivalent) before being awarded a formal place here at Moorlands College. You are advised to commence your application as soon as possible. Applications made after specified deadline dates, may still be made, but Student Finance do not guarantee that your application will be complete prior to the start of the academic year in September, when your first term fees will be payable.

Please note: Government funding plus a student loan may not cover the full amount of your fees. For more guidance on your individual eligibility, please visit the Government’s  Student Finance website.

Funding information for postgraduate programmes

The UK government now provides a loans scheme for master’s programmes, including our MA in Applied Theology.

You can apply to borrow up to £10,280, which can be used towards tuition fees and expenses. You can borrow this amount even though our MA programme actually costs less. To get the loan…

  • You will need to be under 60 years old on the first day of the academic year in which the programme starts (1 September).
  • This must be your first master’s degree (or higher qualification). Borrowers holding postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates are still eligible, although you will be required to complete the full MA programme in its entirety.
  • You normally live in England (and didn’t move here just to study), and have been living in the UK for three years before starting the programme. EU nationals may also be eligible.
  • You must not have outstanding student loan arrears or have previously been found to be ‘unfit’ for support (e.g. because of attempted fraud).
  • The loan will be paid directly to you, not to us. You will receive the money in three instalments per year, across each year of the programme.
  • The first payment occurs after we confirm your placement with the Student Loans Company.

You will pay back 6% of your income over £21,000, either through payroll or self-assessment. No repayments are due all the while you earn less than £21,000 per year. You stop owing either when the debt has been cleared, or when 30 years (from the April after graduation) have passed.

We encourage you to apply as early as possible, to ensure that funding is in place for the start of the programme. The deadline for applying is nine months after the first day of your second academic year. For full details, and to begin your application process, please visit the Government’s Student Finance website.

Our MA in Language, Community and Development is now also eligible for student loan applications.

Extra funding for your studies

Moorlands College Financial Support Packages

See the attached policy for more details

See the attached policy for further details

See the attached policy for further details and to see a full list of which students are eligible.

See the attached policy for further details

See the attached policy for further details and to see if you qualify for this package.

See the attached policy for more details

Employment at college
Limited paid employment is available to students to work in college during the Easter and Summer periods and this often helps with paying fees. You’ll need to have a current UK National Insurance Number to be considered. For further information, please contact us.

Your home church and family
Students greatly benefit in many ways from the support from their home church and surrounding support unit. It’s important that your church leadership backs your application to study here and this may also extend to supporting you financially. However, this will depend on their local circumstances and should be prayerfully considered before making an approach to your church. You may want to consider structured financial help from those around you as a means of helping you financially. Sometimes bursaries are available from charities in your local area.