College Life

Personal devotions can never be regulated, only encouraged, but your relationship with God is a high priority at Moorlands

Worship and prayer

Our aim is that you should grow spiritually within the worship and community life of the College.  Moorlands College is not a church, but as with all vibrant Christian communities, the worship of God is at its heart. Consequently, the whole College worships and prays together regularly in a variety of meaningful and creative ways. Once a term the normal timetable is set aside to allow a whole day to be devoted to listening to God. We who make up the Moorlands family are drawn from a wide range of Christian traditions as well as from countries around the world. Consequently, our community worship reflects a diversity of styles. We all learn to appreciate these different styles, some of which may be outside our previous experience.


Within the community environment, love and respect grow through personal relationships and working alongside each other. Single and married students complement each other in studies and recreation. As part of your contribution to community life, time is allocated for you to be involved in some of the domestic and practical tasks that enable the college to function well.

Social and recreational

A regular programme of social activities, both on and off campus, is planned to ensure that the whole student body is well integrated, with scope to relax and have fun. The College sports Hall and extensive grounds give opportunity for a balance to be brought to community life, whether vigorous team sport or a quiet stroll.

Student Council

The College has an active Student Council (equivalent to a Student Union as an organisation), which plays a key role in the life of the College and pastoral care of students. The Student Council is responsible for the annual Winter Variety Show and the Summer Ball, alongside this they run a full programme of activities focusing both on building a strong College community through worship, prayer and a a full social calender.