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Christian theology applied.
“How have our courses helped you?” Here are some student testimonials from those who've studied applied theology with us at Moorlands College.

Daniel, BA in Applied Theology

Student testimonials

“I started Moorlands College at the age of 24. I wanted to come to Moorlands to know more about God. And the Lord, through His people and by His Spirit, has truly transformed my character. The Lord has given me a fresh revelation of His Cross, and His Cross has changed me. It has changed each and every one of us. Come to Moorlands College, be transformed, be loved and encouraged, and be used to impact the world for the glory of God.” — Daniel

Susan, MA in Applied Theology

MA testimonial

“After 30 years of a career in learning and development, I left full time work and signed up for the MA in Applied Theology at Moorlands College. It has been a joy to be on the receiving end of such rigorous, challenging, inspiring teaching. I have deeply appreciated the wisdom and professionalism of the tutors and been blessed by the skills and experience of my fellow MA students. It has been a walk of learning, personal growth and deepening of faith. Thank you Team Moorlands. A great place to study and amazing folk to study with.” – Susan

Hannah, BA in Applied Theology with Youth and Community Work

Hannah, BA

“I came to Moorlands College eager to serve God and His Church. The excellent teaching at Moorlands has played a key role in consolidating who and what I truly believe – not through spoon-feeding, but by being taught how to build solid arguments which has now informed my practice. I walk more and more confident of not only who I am, but more equipped and with a greater passion in the purpose of what God has called me into. The Lord has truly taken me into an adventure of a lifetime.” – Hannah

David, MA in Applied Theology


“The MA in Applied Theology has given me the chance to reflect theologically on the pastoral challenges which ministry involves. The taught modules gave me a great opportunity to mix with other students of all ages and from many different backgrounds and the input for these sessions was of the highest quality. The dissertation affords an opportunity to reflect in depth upon an issue of particular interest or concern. I can thoroughly recommend this course.” – David

Callum, BA in Applied Theology


“I started my Foundation Year at Moorlands College with no academic skills; my main focus being to learn about God and the Bible. I have been equipped and supported to surpass my expectations academically and have grown more in my character than I ever thought possible.” – Callum

Joy, BA in Applied Theology

Joy G

“I really enjoy the applied aspect of Moorlands. We put our theology into practice every week through our placements in churches and Christians organisations, allowing us to grow individually and biblically. That’s what I love about Moorlands; the degree is so practical as well as being academic. We’ll leave Moorlands College being built up spiritually, and full of the skills that are needed in ministry.” — Joy

Amelia, BA in Applied Theology with Youth and Community Work


“God has really shown me how important it is to do things in his strength and not my own… especially as deadlines approach! Studying at Moorlands’ Midlands Centre has allowed me to grow in my relationship with God, my practice as a youth worker, self-discipline and time management. Through my time at Moorlands, I have made lifelong friendships and I am being trained up positively for ministry and life after college.” – Amelia

Will, BA in Applied Theology

Will G

“My favourite thing about Moorlands College is the community. We’re a body of believers that are committed to encouraging Godly lifestyles and abiding in biblical principles. I’m so encouraged by the continual testimony of God’s grace to us, His people and His Church.” – Will