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BA courses: Campus-based or Placement-based?

Christian theology applied.
Knowing that God calls every student to an individual ministry, we offer two distinctive modes of study to help provide you with the best possible learning environment.

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Should I go campus-based?

Choosing to study for your BA (Hons) with our campus-based option could suit you best if you feel called to rigorous, biblical theological training but aren’t yet entirely sure what your future ministry might look like. Alternatively, if you know where you’re going, but want the more immersive community learning experience coupled with the rhythms of corporate spirituality, this option could also be for you.

Opting to go campus-based enables you to identify your skills and gifts, and to discover new opportunities to use them, within a supportive community of like-minded Christians.

At which location can I choose this mode of study?
You’ll be based at our picturesque, fully-equipped campus near Christchurch, Dorset. You will study together with students from across all years, as one community, and have the option to live on-site.

How often do campus-based students have lectures?
Teaching is spread across the week (typically over four days), and the programme is designed for you to be based full-time at college.

Are campus-based students required to do a placement?
Yes. As our courses are focused on applying theology, it’s essential that all our students put what they learn into practice in the form of a weekly placement and ministerial experience. As a campus-based student you will attend your placement at a local church or Christian project a few times every week. This will be located within easy reach of the Christchurch Campus.

Should I go placement-based?

Alternatively, choosing to study for your BA with our placement-based option might suit your circumstances best if you already have an idea of your particular area of ministry. You may even be working or volunteering in a Christian organisation already, and want to be better equipped to fulfil your potential.

A placement-based BA (Hons) degree will give you a formal, recognised qualification whilst you progress your ministry and apply all that you learn ‘on-the-job’.

At which location can I choose this mode of study?
Placement-based study is offered at all of our locations: the Christchurch Campus, South West Regional Centre, Midlands Regional Centre and South East Regional Centre. As a placement-based student, you live away from college; working and fulfilling placement activities in a location that suits you best whilst attending college for taught lessons and other activities.

How many hours every week do placement-based students spend on their placement?
All placement-based students are fully immersed in the life of a church or Christian organisation. The location of your placement is determined by you, and limited only by the practicalities involved in you attending it regularly during the week.

What’s the difference between the placement-based courses at these locations?
Whilst our BA courses are the same, no matter where you study them, there are subtle practical differences between regional centres and how they’re run. For more information on what to expect at each location, please visit Our locations of study page.