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Our nurturing tutor groups, experienced Learning Assistance staff and pastoral Chaplaincy team are here to support you, every step of the way.


Learning Assistance

When you come to study with us, we want you to be able to fulfil your potential. We want all of our students to develop into self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners and we offer a range of support to help you achieve this. Our supportive learning environment is particularly evident in the services we provide through our Learning Assistance team. This support is available to all our students.

Support can be provided for students with:

  • Specific learning differences
  • Physical/sensory impairments
  • Medical conditions
  • Mental health issues
  • Temporary injuries

We can provide guidance on getting a diagnosis, applying for Disability Students Allowance and creating a personalised Learning Assistance Plan that will ensure you are not disadvantaged and have every opportunity to perform to your best. As part of this plan, and if recommended by the DSA, you will be allocated a Learning Assistance Tutor or Specialist Mentor who will work with you to help you develop strategies for your learning. The Learning Assistance Team can also support you if you fail an assignment. During a Supplementary Study session, one of our Tutors will help you understand the issues identified in your marking feedback and help you make appropriate corrections. Moorlands College is committed to being a community in which equality of opportunity is a reality for all students.

Students accessing Learning Assistance have the opportunity to provide formal feedback via a survey once per term. In addition, students can at any time give ad hoc feedback either through their Learning Assistance Tutor, the Learning Assistance Manager or (anonymously) through their cohort rep.

If you are a Needs Assessor, the NMH Rates will provide you with information.

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Student testimony


Giles, BA student

“When God called me to study for a Bachelor of Arts Degree, it seemed impossible – I left school twenty years earlier (an undiagnosed dyslexic) with only four GCSEs at grade ‘C’!  Nevertheless God led me to trust Him for ‘the impossible’.  In July last year I received news that I had been awarded the First Class Honours Degree in Applied Theology.

This, of course, is all to the glory of God alone, but I am immeasurably thankful to Moorlands’ Learning Assistance team for helping me achieve the best in spite of the issues surrounding dyslexia.  After an initial screening, formal assessment, and confirmed diagnosis, I was made aware of the implications for better learning.  Instead of being written off, a constructive tailor-made package of support helped to overcome my frustrations to progress.  I wasn’t ‘just another student’; but rather I was personally encouraged to persevere, and by God’s grace, I did!

The academic tasks, the practical skills, and the process of assessment are identical for every student regardless, but with your own hard work, Learning Support show true dedication to your progress and they delight in your success. So, to any prospective student who fears ‘the impossible’, I urge you to think again, ‘For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them’ (Ephesians 2:10).  Pray; trust God; be prepared to work hard; and ask Moorlands’ Learning Support Team what they can do to help you achieve what God has prepared in advance for you.”

Tutor groups

We ensure you’re valued, encouraged and supported throughout your time studying at Moorlands College. As an undergraduate student, you’ll be in regular contact with your personal tutor and other students within your tutor group. This important time with tutors gives you the space to be mentored and to connect with others, encouraging your relational and spiritual maturity together.

If you’re a Foundation Year or Christchurch campus-based student, you’ll be in a tutor group with students from all years, giving you a diverse, prayerful, support network during your studies. You’ll meet every Wednesday during term time, and enjoy activities such as beach walks, river boating and volleyball competitions.

The tutor support system for placement-based student works slightly differently. Even though your focus is more on your placement church or organisation, our staff still ensure you’re supported as much as possible during your studies. As a Christchurch placement-based student, you’ll meet with your tutor group on your weekly teaching day, to touch base with your tutor and pray with others in your year. As a South West, Midlands or South East Regional Centre student, a tutor will be assigned to you and will be in regular contact to see how you’re getting on. During study blocks, you’ll regularly be in contact with others in your year, and Skype tutorials are also available to help your academic and personal growth away from the lecture room.


Jonathan and Jackie Woodhouse are the Chaplains for Moorlands College, based at the Christchurch Campus. They are available for appointments with both students and staff to provide pastoral care, advice and support to all. The Chaplains get involved with tutor group activities and regularly host on-site Chapel services. Prior to joining the Moorlands College staff team, Jonathan was the Chaplain General to the British Army. To read more about our Chaplains, click here.

Equality and diversity

The college is committed to being a community in which equality of opportunity is a reality for all students and staff. Its mission and values require it to create a positive environment in which all staff and students—present and prospective—are respected, are provided with development and progression opportunities, and can make the most of their abilities. Every member of the college community has the responsibility for implementing this policy in all of their activities.