Jo Dowds (Graduated October 2011)

BA (Hons) Applied Theology with Community and Family Studies

Moorlands has been an exciting time for me, grounding me in my faith in Jesus whilst at the same time leading me onto new heights in my relationship with Him. Practically I have learned invaluable lessons, not only regarding church ministry but also to do with life in general. My character has been shaped for the better, and the most notable change has been how I have grown in confidence through the love, care and challenges of the support network that Moorlands provides its students.

Matthew Huckle (Graduated October 2012)

Associate Pastor at Testwood Baptist Church

Being someone who has dyslexia and numerous problems with reading, I never thought Bible College was an option. But God called me and I have now completed a BA (Hons) in applied Theology (Church Leadership). What attracted me to Moorlands was knowing that the learning support was great and if I am honest this has not let me down. It is a privilege to serve God, learn from excellent teachers and to be equipped with tools to be future leaders of the church.

Simon Burin (2006 - 2008)

Youth Pastor at Dorchester Community Church

Moorlands has supported me, and still does support me, in ways I will never be able to express. The training at Moorlands has established a solid biblical foundation in which to begin my ministry.

Jon & Elora Forman (2004 - 2008)

Outreach Workers in the Usk Valley, Wales

We learnt, through the mixture of practical and academic work offered through placements and different ministry experiences, that ministry is spiritual, practical, academic and relational, and that when these four aspects are combined properly, we can truly minister in an effective way. To sum it up, we went to Moorlands expecting to train for ministry and learn about God, but we came out changed people because of the freedom Moorlands gives for God to work in the lives of students.

Louise Bird (2004 - 2007)

Support Worker

My time at Moorlands gave me the tools and time that I needed to find my purpose and calling in God. Without the foundational grounding that I got at Moorlands, I know I wouldn’t have had the preparation needed for the work that God has brought me in to. I am now a Support Worker in Bournemouth YMCA - giving holistic support and guidance to those who struggle most in the community. It’s an intense environment that requires me to remain close to Him 'I can do everything through Him Who gives me strength, Philippians 4.13'