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Discipling others in lockdown #WeAreOne

Christian theology applied.
How can we apply the Bible to our present circumstances?

How can we apply the Bible to our present circumstances?

In this episode of our #WeAreOne series, Craig Sweeney-Essex shares how we can disciple others in lockdown. Focusing on John 15, Craig explores the importance of protecting your own time with Jesus, enabling us to be most effective when ministering to others.

“We too must be staying close to Christ in order that we might bear fruit in our discipling of others under lockdown.”

We’re creating regular 3 minute videos to keep you entertained at home in this time, to reflect on Bible passages, and to share ministry testimonies. Together, we are one college and one church. #WeAreOne


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  1. Introduction to We Are One
  2. Restoration and Renewal
  3. Persistence in Prayer
  4. What does the Bible say about the Bible?
  5. Wholeheartedness
  6. Walking by Faith
  7. Knowing more of Jesus
  8. Joy
  9. The Great Commission
  10. Jesus in the Old Testament
  11. Social media and our identity
  12. Dealing with difficult people
  13. Stewards of creation
  14. Reaping the Harvest
  15. The Greatest Commandment
  16. Refresh yourself in the Lord
  17. Discipling others in lockdown
  18. How to share the Gospel in lockdown

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