Access and Participation Plans

Access and participation plans set out how higher education providers will improve equality of opportunity at undergraduate level for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from higher education.

For the College, they include:

  • our ambition for change
  • what we plan to do to achieve that change
  • the targets we have set
  • the investment we will make to deliver the plan.

Students are covered by the most recent access and participation plan in place at the time they start their studies even if the provider introduces new access and participation plans in subsequent years. Further general information about plans can be found at Office for Students.

Please find below our active plans:

Access and Participation Plan 2019-2020

Access and Participation Plan 2020-2025

For 2023-24, the following amended plan, with plan summary, has been approved:

Access and Participation Plan Summary 2020-2025

Access and Participation Plan 2020-2025 amended

The College published access and participation statements that covered students who started their studies in September 2018 or earlier. Please find below our Access and Participation Statement published in January 2018:

Access and Participation Statement Jan 2018


Fees and Finances

Here is our undergraduate Fee Summary for 2024-25

More information can be found on our Fees and Finance web page


Transparency information

The College is required by the Office for Students (OfS) to provide transparency information about degree attainment data, and to publish it in the following format. This includes rounding the data to the nearest 10, and suppressing data for small groups so that students in them aren’t in any way identifiable.

The following data has not been contextualised and therefore does not take into account the grades and qualifications students enter the College with. The College also recognises that some groups of students are currently more likely than others to be awarded a good degree (first or 2:1), and it is committed to targets in its Access and Participation Plan to eliminate such gaps where these exist.

Key for the tables:

  • N/A – indicates that the College does not engage in the type of activity described;
  • N – between 3 and 24 students in the relevant group (so the data is suppressed);
  • DP – 2 or fewer students in a relevant group (so the data is suppressed).


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