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Since Moorlands College first began, we have known the importance of encouraging one another.

Friends of Moorlands gathering together

The heart behind Friends of Moorlands

We greatly value the support that comes from our many friends across the world. We are truly appreciative of our friendships in the various ways they’ve been formed. Whether you have studied with us, supported us, visited us, invested in us or prayed for us, we want to bring all of these wonderful connections together as Friends of Moorlands.

As we reflect on the past, we are thankful for all that God has done and for the faith stories that we can celebrate.
We desire to build upon the inheritance that we have received from those that came before us as we continue to invest in equipping Christians passionate about Jesus Christ with the knowledge and skills they need to impact the Church and wider world. 

The ongoing encouragement of our friends is really appreciated as we continue to add more people to the Moorlands family to study applied theology. Support comes in many different ways and we would ask you to prayerfully consider the best option for you. We thank God for the many Friends of Moorlands that we already have and for the new ones that we are looking forward to connecting with.

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We invite you to join our Friends of Moorlands network in the category that best suits you.

It is free to join, and we hope you enjoy the benefits of connecting with us.

Students and graduates




Students and graduates

Join Friends of Moorlands as a student and/or graduate. If you have been a student with us at any point in our history from 1948 until the present day, this is the section for you. Whichever location you studied at or are currently based, you are connected to each other through this special experience of studying at Moorlands.

As a Friend of Moorlands, you will hear all the latest news and prayer points via this exclusive newsletter. Additionally, you’ll find out about various events, you’ll hear stories from our current students and news from graduates. Enjoy special discounts and connection opportunities.

For our grads, there is also an opportunity to continue being blessed by Moorlands through the Graduate prayer initiative.

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Join Friends of Moorlands as an individual and connect with us through our Friends of Moorlands newsletters sent to your inbox several times a year. Hear all our latest news and find out about various events that we are hosting or co-hosting with other friends. As a Friend of Moorlands, you will receive special discount codes for many of our events plus an invite to special Friends of Moorlands events.

As a Friend of Moorlands, we would love for you to pray for the college and we look forward to seeing you at different events. Being a Friend of Moorlands is free, but if you want to support us financially, visit our Donate page.

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Join Friends of Moorlands as a church and you will hear all our latest news and prayer points, plus you’ll learn about the various events we are hosting. As a church Friend of Moorlands, you will be given special group discount codes including some free places for group bookings at our events.

There will also be featured stories on placement churches. Opportunities for attending networking events will be shared with our church Friends of Moorlands.

To join as a church, please email communications@moorlands.ac.uk 

For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. – Romans 12:5


You can apply to join Friends of Moorlands as an organisation. Your application will be considered on an individual basis through a personalised conversation with a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

Successful organisations will enjoy a special relationship with the college. Here are some of our organisation friends. Click on each logo to find out more about an organisation and a link to their website.

To register interest as an organisation, please email communications@moorlands.ac.uk 


Current Friends of Moorlands Organisations:

We aim to gather churches in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole conurbation, the surrounding counties and beyond, encouraging them with solid Bible teaching. 

Speakers from the UK and beyond expound God’s Word, helping us apply it to our situation. 

Events include: a biennial men’s day in November; annual meetings for everyone, each weekday in the first week of July.

Bible Society logo

Working in over 200 countries, Bible Society is a charity on a global mission to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child. We believe that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change – for good.

Catalyst are a movement of churches building communities that raise disciples who change the world. 

With our roots in Newfrontiers, we are a family of around 300 churches connected together through genuine relationship and served by a number of apostolic teams who aim to equip churches to raise pioneering disciples that see God’s kingdom fill the earth.

Cedarwood Festival is an event in the north of the UK, uniting the church to gather and worship in unity.

Established in 2018, the event has a focus on teaching, 24/7 worship, evangelism, mission with something for all ages.

CRE logo

The National Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park, Esher is the largest annual event of its kind in Europe, with regular regional exhibitions in cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter, Glasgow and Belfast.

The Institut Biblique de Nogent (IBN) is a French Bible institute planted in the Parisian area since 1921. The IBN offers 1 to 3 years of theological studies combined with church internships and community life.

Kick logo

KICK transforms young people’s lives, with God’s love, through sport and support. We do this through values-driven physical education, dance, mentoring, chaplaincy in schools and community KICK Academies to impact a sense of hopelessness.

CRE logo

Kinetic Network is a relational network of leaders and churches committed to the transformation of individuals, churches, society, and nations through the Spirit and the Word. A two year programme brings a distinct approach of the Spirit and the Word to the Bible, Theology, Church History, Leadership, Character, and Mission through central study weeks and various assignments.