Become a member of our library

Our library is a popular and highly recommended facility at our Christchurch Campus. With over 45,000 titles, 60 periodicals, and thousands more journals and e-books, our three-storey library is full of resources to help you along the way. A ‘Reader Account’ allows you to use the library facilities at Moorlands Christchurch Campus. You will be able to browse the library resources and can spend time in the campus library, reading and taking notes. Please note that you will not be able to check out books to take away.

How do I become a member?

Our graduates are life-long members and are free to use the library during college opening hours. Just fill in the form below to let us know you’ll be popping in!

If you’re not a Moorlands grad, we’d love to open our doors to you for a small fee of £60 per annum. This is an ideal membership for church leaders and local Christians who’d love to use the relaxing space with theological resources. An account with ‘Hub Access’ means that you will be able to use the Hub facilities to take breaks, and to make tea/coffee whilst on campus. This is an additional £30.


Please note: Only current Moorlands College students and staff are permitted to take out from the library.

Library use is for weekdays only, during office hours (9-5).



If you would like to register, please complete the following form: