Life on campus: a living community

Space for you
Express yourself in worship, share community with friends and study in a relaxed, countryside location. At our Christchurch campus, we have spaces designed for your spiritual, relational and personal development.

Chapel services are held in our Wessex Auditorium and are integrated into BA students’ timetables. Our Hub is perfect for both socialising and studying. Quiet booths and sofa areas are available for students who wish to work in a more open environment whilst looking out on the neighbouring fields and paddocks. A variety of meals are served by our dedicated kitchen team, who are often bringing new and diverse options to the daily menu.

Stretch yourself
Take the free induction and gain access to our fully equipped on-site gym. We have a treadmill, cross-trainer, cycling and rowing machines, as well as a free-weights and mat area. Our sports hall, with its own changing rooms and shower facilities, is right next to the gym. Enjoy a game of badminton, table tennis, play basketball, or five-a-side football with friends after lectures.

Students undertaking a boot camp in the campus grounds

Our grounds
Our rural location provides the ideal place for personal reflection. We have an on-site fire pit which is a popular student space for worship nights. The extensive grounds also give you the opportunity to organise team sports and fitness groups. Get an Ultimate Frisbee team together, start a boot camp, or dress up and compete in the annual fancy-dress volleyball competition! Our grounds offer you all these opportunities and more.

Resources at your fingertips
Our three-storey library is full of resources to help you along the way:

  • Over 40,000 titles and 60 periodicals and journals
  • Thousands more online journals and e-books when on and off-site
  • Full 24-hour access during term time
  • Free library access for alumni

You can discover more about our library here.

Residential facilities
Our accommodation is available to both campus-based students and those on study blocks. Our residential areas give you 24-hour access to our laundry room, relaxing prayer room, and student kitchen. The accommodation block has three lounges providing the use of a piano, pool table and TV/projector.

Life in community
Christchurch campus-based students are given opportunities to be stretched and to grow in a shared setting. Learn from, and be mentored by, experienced teaching and tutoring staff. Identify your future ministry and be part of a Christian community who are passionate about sharing the Gospel.

Photos of life on campus

Tutor groups
As an undergraduate student, you’ll regularly be in contact with your personal tutor. As part of the campus-based community, tutor groups often venture off-site on Wednesdays for activities such as beach walks and river boating.  Find out more here.

Regular Chapel services
Two Chapel services are held each week for Christchurch campus- and placement-based students. Our Chapel band, comprising student musicians and singers, lead times of sung worship. Staff, students and visiting speakers host the services.

Work duties
We allocate work duties for campus-based students during term time, to provide our students with practical skills and encourage a servant-hearted community. Your duties might involve library work, supporting the kitchen after meal times, technical support, property maintenance, or administration within different college departments.

“The facilities here are great. I fully believe in not just growing spiritually and academically, but we should be looking after our bodies as well.”
Alice, campus-based student

Learning beyond the lecture room

Photos of Israel and students at a PDE

We give undergraduate students special opportunities to reflect, learn more and encounter God beyond the four walls of a lecture room. Discover Old Testament-related artefacts at the British Museum with Dr Chris Sinkinson. Visit a working monastery as part of the Christian Spirituality module. Reflect on personal development through team-based outdoor activities. Worship together on the Sea of Galilee.

Israel trip
How would a first-hand experience of the Holy Land affect your understanding and appreciation of biblical stories? Lecturer Dr Chris Sinkinson regularly leads a visit to Israel, working with Oak Hall Expeditions, giving you the opportunity to encounter in person the places we read about in Scripture. Travel around Galilee, ride camels in the desert of Zin, meet with local people, explore the bustle of Jerusalem, experience narrow streets and underground tunnels, and learn about the claims that surround particular archaeological sites.

“Long ago, St Jerome described the Holy Land as the Fifth Gospel”, emphasises Dr Chris Sinkinson, Lecturer in Old Testament and Apologetics. “Travelling the contemporary world of Galilee or the Dead Sea brings the words of the Gospel writers to life in a very special way. It has always been a trip of a lifetime—but don’t go thinking this is just an excuse for a holiday! We emphasise study on the trips. This formative experience can be part of your theological reflection for years to come. There is nothing quite like worshipping as a group out on the Sea of Galilee or praying together in a suburb of Jerusalem to give the Bible colour. Studying theology is heart, mind, soul and strength and the Moorlands College Israel tour integrates them all!”

“I’d come to a land I had fallen in love with; an unforgettable place I hope one day to visit again.”
Chris, campus-based student

Outside your comfort zone
Our undergraduate courses are designed for you to reflect upon your personal growth through portfolios and self-reflective essays. The second year of our degree captures the heart of Christian formation and provides you with practical opportunities to learn and thrive.

Family, youth, children and community work retreat
If you specialise in these areas at the Christchurch Campus, you’ll attend a retreat in the second year as part of your reflective practice. “We retreat to model the priority of spiritual disciplines within a Christian community,” says Andy Du Feu, Director of Youth and Community Work, “spending time in the Word, in worship, and with each other… and, at times, alone. Residentials are like having a power tool in a toolbox. And this is our chance to test it out when you most need it—right in the middle of the course!”

Personal Development Exercise
We take personal development seriously. As part of this emphasis, we give you the opportunity to take part in a Personal Development Exercise (PDE) over two or three days in your second year. You get to work with your peers, exercising leadership and followership, whilst challenging yourself to move beyond your comfort zone.

“I found myself thinking more about how I make decisions, and reflecting on how I work within a team.”
Hope, campus-based student