We aim to respond to any enquiry or complaint with efficiency, courtesy and fairness.

A complaint is any contact made by a customer or potential customer with the purpose of expressing dissatisfaction.

  1. Complaints should be handled confidentially, fairly and promptly.
  2. Staff should be courteous to the complainant, responding positively and offering constructive solutions.
  3. Formal written complaints should be recorded, acknowledged immediately and investigated within 7 days, and notified to the Principal.
  4. The complaints procedure should be available to all, monitored regularly, and reviewed and evaluated periodically.

Any person dissatisfied with College services should be encouraged to make this known at the point and time of their dissatisfaction to the person directly involved.

The first person to be advised of the complaint should, if appropriate, aim to resolve the difficulty, ensuring that College policy and procedures are followed. If it is not appropriate for the member of staff to deal with the complaint, it should be referred as soon as possible to the appropriate Senior Manager.


In person
If the person the complaint is made to cannot deal with the enquiry the College will aim to provide an appropriate member of staff at the time. If this is not possible, details will be taken and a convenient time made for the appropriate person to be available or to telephone the complainant.

By phone
If the person answering the call cannot deal with the enquiry or complaint the call will be transferred to a member of staff who is able to respond. If the person is not available immediately, the customer will receive a return call, usually the same day but within 24 hours.

In writing
If a complaint is made by letter or by email, an acknowledgement will be sent to the customer on the same day and the complaint copied to the Principal. The College will aim to complete any investigation of a complaint and propose remedial action with 7 days.

All formal complaints must be recorded in a log and filed in the complaints file.

Student complaints

Please see the appropriate section of your Student Handbook, available on the VLE.

Staff complaints and grievances

Please see the appropriate section of your Staff Employment Handbook.