It seems we’ve spent a lot of the last 15 months waiting. Waiting for the next round of Government guidance as Covid-19 persists. Waiting to get tested. Waiting for the results. Waiting for vaccine approvals. Waiting to get vaccinated. Waiting for lockdowns to be history. In our case at Moorlands, waiting to get back into classroom and chapel alike: to learn and worship in person again, together.

And let’s be frank – all this waiting can get us down, especially when recovery is delayed and hope deferred once more. Yet in a greater sense, waiting is crucial – even blessed.

Israel waited 40 years in the wilderness before entering the promised land. Descendants of that exodus waited longer in Babylon before being freed from exile. Simeon and Anna waited all their lives for Jesus’ birth. And now, we await the glorious return of our crucified, risen and ascended Lord to end plague and death for good.

So Paul reminds us to ‘wait eagerly for the hope of righteousness’ and show patience to be the Spirit’s fruit (Gal. 5:5, 22). With such promises to inspire us, the waiting required by Covid can become not just something to bear, but an opportunity to know and trust God more deeply. May that be true for us as a College, and for you personally – even as we pray earnestly for the pandemic to end soon.

– David Hilborn, Principal of Moorlands College