Above Back, L-R: Daniel Brooks (Pastoral Team), Callum McKay (Vice Chair), Enoch Adekoya (Chair), Alice Fenning (Outreach Team Leader). Front, L-R: Daniel Cooke (Outreach Team), Charlotte Adams (Community Team), Hope Clark (Community Team Leader), Jess Williamson (Outreach Team). Absent: Naomi Rigdeon (Pastoral Team Leader), Owen Mudford (Community Team), Becca Hamilton (Community Team), Ben Holton (Pastoral Team).
“We ensure that there are always opportunities for students to nurture each other’s faith outside of lectures, with Bible studies, prayer meetings, worship evenings and such events readily available for students to participate in.”
Enoch Adekoya Enoch Adekoya Chair of Student Council I’m currently a second year student at Moorlands College. As Chair of the Student Council, I oversee its leadership, teams, and its diverse responsibilities. Our primary aim as a Council is to mobilise the student body toward Christ-centeredness for the cause of the Gospel to the glory of Christ. My role is to ensure this objective is pursued in all the Council’s endeavours. As Chair of the Council, I play a crucial role in utilising the gifts of each member to build a coherent, well-functioning team for the betterment and development of the student body. It’s been a thrilling journey so far, and we have an exciting year ahead! When considering my future, I was certain I had a passion for theology, and knew what God was calling me into, but was unsure where. I eventually chose Moorlands because I became certain it was an institution that held a high view of Scripture, and is effective in equipping its students for practical, Biblical ministry; more so than most other theological institutions. I was sure I would leave knowing I’d been trained to be competent in handling the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15)—and I am thankful so far I’ve made the right decision. One of the preconceptions I had coming here was that my faith would grow very easily with little effort, that being around passionate believers in Christ would suffice. I was wrong. It’s become a bit of a truism but even within such an incredible environment, it’s just as crucial to make every effort to strive toward spiritual growth and development! The Student Council considers this essential. We ensure that there are always opportunities for students to nurture each other’s faith outside of lectures, with Bible studies, prayer meetings, worship evenings and such events readily available for students to participate in. We fix in place a biblical framework for students to be able to grow in their walk with God, that we wouldn’t merely strive for survival, but more so, thrive in the faith. In regards to prayer requests, I’d appreciate prayers for the strength, wisdom and grace to excel in my role, and continue walking in line with God’s guidance throughout my studies, in my walk with God, and as Chair.
Calum McKay Callum McKay Vice Chair of Student Council I’m a first year student here at Moorlands College, originally having done the Foundation here last academic year. This is my second year on Student Council, and this year I am Vice Chair of the council. Student life here is great, but it can be tiring as any student life would be, so I feel it’s important that we as a Council can aim to provide our fellow students with activities throughout the year, to provide pastoral care and support as well as some organised outreach opportunities in our surrounding area. My prayer requests for me in my role as Vice Chair for the rest of 2017 would be that I can stay in touch with the needs of my friends here on site, and provide the best activities and other support to all that I can!
Alice Fenning Alice Fenning Outreach Team Leader I am currently in my second year of studying at Moorlands. I absolutely love living here on-site, being part of the community. One of my biggest passions is for people to come to understand and know how much God loves them. Here at Moorlands, I lead the Outreach Team where we get the opportunity to go into the local villages and the city of Bournemouth to offer help and support. This can be something as simple as doing a litter pick in the village, clearing the pub car park and even going into people’s gardens and houses helping them to clean. We can also spend the majority of the night in Bournemouth town centre spending time with the homeless and people coming out of night clubs offering water. These create great opportunities to speak to them about the God that we know and love.
Naomi Ridgeon Naomi Ridgeon Pastoral Team Leader I’m in my second year on the Youth and Community track. I am head of the Pastoral Team and our vision, along with the rest of Student Council, is that we aim to cultivate a Christ-centred community. We recognise that there are various emotions and pastoral issues that can get in the way of us thriving in the life of college, so this year we aim to combat some of the things which are challenging for students within the college that have been brought up in the Pastoral Team’s survey. We intend to support the student community by having a student ‘drop in,’ where a member of the Pastoral Team will be available to signpost and pray for students who want that 1-2-1 support whilst also being readily available around the site. I am passionate about ensuring we are a community, where relationally within the community, we are having honest and real communication. As a team, we aim to ensure that every student is heard, valued and knows who they are in the eyes of their Sovereign Father. Please pray that we will be approachable and that God would give us wisdom, discernment and grace in all the things we encounter. Also pray that as a team, we will be receptive to the needs of those in the community; acting fairly and being proactive.
Hope Clark Hope Clark Community Team Leader I’m a second year student and I am the Team Leader for the Community Team this year. Community is such a big part of life here at Moorlands and so this year we want to make sure that we have time to spend with each other, both having fun and spending time with God as well. I feel personally that a student’s time Moorlands is a chance to make lifelong friends with real deep connections and so we want to aim this year to create times where people can get to know fellow students and get closer to God as well. There are many events that are at the centre of our calendar, such as Winter Variety in the first term and Summer Ball in the final term. These especially are a great opportunity for both staff and student’s to spend time with each other and celebrating talents or the end of another year. I find it my privilege to be able to serve in this community and to be a part of the planning for these events and more, along with working with the rest of the Community Team and Student Council. Please pray that the Moorlands community grows in fellowship with God and each other.