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Transferring into a Moorlands College programme from another institution

Applications to transfer from another institution to a programme at Moorlands College are welcome. The application to transfer should normally be made well before the start of the academic year in which the student wishes to start their studies as in most cases transfers into Moorlands can only be made at the start of an academic year.

Such applications are handled according to Moorlands College Academic Framework 7: Admissions (available on the website), which indicates the acceptance criteria and the College’s method of recognising previous studies called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL, which for the College’s higher education programmes operates within the framework of the University of Gloucestershire’s regulations). Students who wish to transfer into Moorlands from another institution apply and use the RPL system to describe their previous learning. The RPL system can enable students

  • to enter with advanced standing, that is, to enter directly to a higher level of studies than the normal starting point for the studies, or
  • to enter with a limited amount of module credit, that is, to enter taking account of modules studied elsewhere, so that credit is given for equivalent modules at Moorlands.

Requests for RPL normally require the applicant to submit details of previous studies, such as a transcript of performance and the relevant programme specification. The College normally seeks a reference from the previous institution.

Advice about application and assistance in completing the RPL form are available from the Admissions Department (

Transferring to another institution from Moorlands College

Should a student no longer think that studying at Moorlands is appropriate to them, whether for personal, academic or vocational reasons, they are encouraged to discuss their options with their personal tutor, who may involve the Programme Leader and/or Regional Centre Senior Tutor, where applicable, to ensure that the academic implications of transferal are understood. In addition, the student must discuss the implications of any potential transfer:

  • with the College’s Finance Department, regarding financial obligations to the College and the impact of transferal on any student loans, and
  • with the Registry Department, regarding their visa status where relevant.

If the student decides to transfer to another institution, they should apply to the new institution in accordance with its admissions and credit transfer procedures. In such a case, Moorlands follows its Academic Framework 8: Enrolment and Registration relating to student-initiated withdrawal. This normally includes conducting an exit interview. The College’s Registry Department supports the exiting student by providing relevant transcripts of performance and programme specifications that may be required by the institution applied to.

Transferring between Moorlands College programmes

Should a student think that a different Moorlands programme is more appropriate to them, they are encouraged to discuss their options with their personal tutor. In some cases it is possible to transfer between Moorlands College programmes. The personal tutor may involve other staff to help to explain the implications and potential requirements of any transfer. This includes the Programme Leader of the new programme, and may include the Finance Department and/or Registry Department regarding financial and visa implications respectively.


Detailed procedures relating to transferal between Moorlands College programmes are found in the College’s Academic Framework 8: Enrolment and Registration (accessible on the VLE and the website). The following points should particularly be borne in mind.

  • The request to transfer is made using a form available to the student on the VLE.
  • Transfers normally take place only within the first 14 days of study or at semester- or year-break points. In general, the earlier that a transfer request is made, the more likely it can be easily accommodated.
  • The possibility of transfer without being required to take and pass additional modules is dependent on the programmes studied and the modules previously passed.
  • Transfers between Moorlands programmes are only permitted where the entrance criteria of the new programme are met.
  • There may be a small administrative charge for such a transfer. Any such charges are included on the relevant programme Fees and Charges document available on the College website.


Approved by Academic Board April 2023