Working as a Worship Pastor

As someone who is working and studying at the same time, I’d love to briefly share my journey with you.
I’ve had the great privilege of holding the post of Worship Pastor at Testwood Baptist Church since 2017. After lots of prayer and seeking wisdom from church elders and colleagues at Testwood, I decided to embark on a BA in Applied Theology at Moorlands College as a placement-based student. This was a big decision, not only for me and my colleagues at Testwood, but also for my family. My wife and I especially spent time praying and talking it through because of the additional time commitment.

It’s a challenge that has been so worthwhile…

Vital in my walk with Christ

I started at Moorlands in September 2020 and I’m now approaching the end of my first year. It has at times been a real challenge and has stretched my capacity, but it’s a challenge that has been so worthwhile. The college were intentional about getting us to consider and carefully plan how we were going to portion out our time as placement-based students. They’ve helped us to succeed early on in the degree programme.

It’s not only been achievable but also vital for me personally in my biblical understanding but also in my walk with the Lord. It’s been so great to work and study at the same time because of the opportunity it has provided to apply what I’m learning in the classroom to the every day.

I’ve also really enjoyed sitting in the library at Moorlands when coming to prepare for preaching at Testwood. I’ve benefitted from being able to access an array of great books and resources that have brought a fresh perspective on what God is saying to me and thus his church through his Word.

Sustaining a faithful long-term ministry

The approach taken by the college is person-centred and holistic. The degree isn’t just aimed at stretching my mind – although it has done that – nor is it just about delivering outcomes to meet the grade. There is a clear focus on providing students with the tools they need to sustain a faithful long-term ministry.

It’s also been great to have regular tutor sessions that have provided an opportunity to ask questions, seek help and also be a part of a learning community. The link up between my placement setting and my college tutor has been a real help; a collaborative approach to ensure I develop as God would want me to. 
It’s been really evident in the teaching that lectures are also concerned with the pastoral application for the Christian as an ambassador for Christ. This has been a real blessing to me as a church leader. I would really recommend the approach of placement-based study. It’s hard work but very rewarding.

Thank you for sharing your story, Jim.

Jim studies with us as a Christchurch placement-based student. This mode of study means that students travel to campus just one day a week in term-time for lectures plus three study block weeks over the year.

You can also study with us as a placement-based student at our Regional Centres (South West & Belfast). This mode of study means that students have study blocks spread across the year. 

These blocks of study are perfect for those in full-time ministry and would like to gain a qualification at the same time. 

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