We’re delighted to announce that Moorlands College has achieved 100% overall student satisfaction in the latest National Student Survey (NSS) results for our undergraduate programmes. The results, published in July 2020, also reveal that our students scored 99% satisfaction in the category of teaching.


Additionally, Moorlands College were successful in several other areas, particularly in the categories of learning opportunities (98%) and academic support (97%).

 A further handful of notably high scores included:


  • 100% satisfaction for the provision of opportunities for students to apply their learning
  • 100% satisfaction for staff explaining things well
  • 100% satisfaction for staff making the subject interesting
  • 100% satisfaction for our courses being intellectually stimulating
  • 100% satisfaction for the provision of sufficient advice and guidance

More information about the NSS can be found here.

Thank you

We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate our staff. Our knowledgeable, warm, determined and resilient staff team have gone above and beyond this year. They’ve ensured that our students continue to enjoy and thrive in their studies despite the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to everyday life. 

Thank you to our lecturing staff, learning assistance team, tutors and Chaplains for being role models and source of strength and support for our students in this season. Thank you for our operational team for ensuring that we can still run effectively and for many of you working tirelessly behind the scenes. You’ve all ensured that we can continue to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to impact the Church and wider world. We’re beyond grateful.

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