We have an announcement for you all from our Principal, Steve Brady:
“My dear Friends and Colleagues,
Over this past weekend, I have accepted an invitation to become the senior minister First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman, West Indies. It is a church I have been associated with for some twenty years. It has been a real tussle in decision-making for me, since I have been so privileged to have been at Moorlands College these many years. I am so grateful for all the love, support, prayer and friendship I have experienced here, not least in these last six months since my dear Brenda’s passing.
Although, I expect my tenure as Principal of Moorlands will conclude by the end of this calendar year, Moorlands will be in excellent hands with a superb team of colleagues. I also expect to keep very strong links with the College as some students already have experienced block placements at First Baptist – I am expecting many more.
I and the whole team are grateful for your interest and prayers.”
Photo caption: Ian Coffey praying with Steve after he announced his departure in our Christchurch Campus’ Chapel service this morning.