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“If someone asked me to summarise Christianity, it would be that He accepts us as we are if we receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord, but He also loves us too much to let us stay as we are. A work of renovation has begun.”

At our Christchurch Thanksgiving Service on 17 June, Daniel Alcock (a Christchurch campus-based student who is soon to be in his final year at Moorlands College this autumn) shared these bold and brilliant truths in his testimony.

The idea that ‘a work of renovation has begun’ is one that is reflective of what we celebrate at both of the beginnings and ends of each academic year here at Moorlands; continued growth and development in Christ as His disciples.

In the last week of the summer term, we annually hold a Thanksgiving Service; a time dedicated to celebrate all of our student’s efforts. Held in our new auditorium, ‘The Charge’ was spoken over our leaving students by Vice Principal, Dr Ian Kirby, as they prepare to apply what they’ve learnt during their studies into the working world. (Or into the MA world if they so wish!) Our chapel band led us in a time of sung worship, several students shared heartfelt testimonies and our principal, Rev Dr. Steve Brady, presented prizes to individuals for outstanding contributions to college, church and community living.

Rico Tice (speaker and co-author of Christianity Explored) also delivered a four point message for our students at the event. His address focused on how Grace, Gehena, Glory and Godliness are at the “centre of our identity as we go forward in ministry.”

Rico then challenged us by asking, “Which one of these four points have you forgotten?” and passionately stated that, “if you want resilience, then build your foundations on these truths in the Lord Jesus Christ as you proclaim them.”

The service was a fitting farewell, focused on the delight it is to serve Christ and also was a great reminder of how strongly “God is delighted with us.” The vast amount of cream teas served to students, their families, friends and staff was incredible. We thank the kitchen team and those involved in the organisation of the day for their efforts.

We are greatly looking forward to our Graduation service in October, where we can formally commend our graduands for their achievements.

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